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Inspiring a culture of mental health awareness and wellbeing
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55% of all working days were lost due to ill health caused by stress, depression or anxiety in
2019/20 (HSE)

We support and train heart led businesses to create happier, healthier teams promoting positive mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

In 2019, 80% of experienced teachers said they were suffering from work-related stress (Education Support)

We work with heart led leaders in the education sector to help reduce anxiety, overwhelm and burnout through ongoing training, psychoeducation and support.


Schools Membership Programme

Combining CPD training, Youth Mental Health First Aid and ongoing support for pastoral and teaching staff, our memberships programmes are designed to create mentally healthy schools with a strong culture of wellbeing where both staff and students thrive.

Workplace wellbeing training

Our in-depth CPD certified training programmes explore workplace stress, mental health and wellbeing, teaching you how to notice signs and symptoms of stress and giving you practical guidance on how to implement change and coping strategies for you and your team.

Resilience & Wellbeing Survey

Our innovative profiling tool gathers the data you need to understand your team and organisation's current mental health and wellbeing, track change, measure impact and pave the way to developing resilient teams.


We understand that every working environment is different and we can tailor our services to meet your needs. From a lunchtime workshop to Mental Health First Aid Training and Supervision, we have something for you.

Creating a culture of wellbeing

Does work affect your wellbeing? Do you frequently say ‘I’m stressed!’? Are feelings of overwhelm getting you down? If you answered yes to any of these questions,  you may also be suffering with physical symptoms of stress and feeling like your resilience reserves are depleted.

This has an impact both personally and professionally and can lead to:

  • Difficult relationships.
  • Higher rates of absenteeism.
  • Less productivity.
  • Increased costs.
  • Toxic working environments.

At HeadStrong Training®, we understand the importance of creating a culture of wellbeing and mentally healthy work environments. We know that happier people mean happier teams. 

Creating a culture of wellbeing requires both personal responsibility, organisational responsibility and the understanding of modelling behaviours. This is particularly true in education as very simply – if the staff aren’t ok, they can’t give their best to their students.

We absolutely believe that prevention is better than intervention and specialise in providing solutions. We can teach you how to manage stress, develop resilience, emotional intelligence and promote positive mental health by building on the key foundations of wellbeing.

percent of all work-related ill health cases related to stress, depression and anxiety
percent of all working days lost due to ill health caused by stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19

The HeadStrong Way

HeadStrong Training® was founded by Lisa Jones – a highly trained, award-winning, senior accredited practitioner with over 13 years experience in private practice who believes in upskilling people to manage stress and anxiety before it becomes a problem. 

At HeadStrong Training®, we use innovative, bespoke techniques rooted in research. Our evidence-based approach will nurture positive change and reduce stress and anxiety in your workplace.

Exploring mental health, resilience and wellbeing with HeadStrong Training will help you:

  • Create a happier, more productive workforce.
  • Hold on to the staff you care about.
  • Drive profits with a less-stressed team.
  • Create a common language and culture of wellbeing.
  • Develop a resilient team.
We used the services of Headstrong Training during the middle of the pandemic. Lisa provided an incredible training day for my team that helped to stabilise us during a very rocky period. One or two of the team used some of Lisa’s techniques and achieved almost instant results! We will be using Headstrong Training again in the near future.
Barrie kelly
Chief Executive, Visit Greenwich

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