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We partner organisations to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing in the workplace. We know happier people make happier teams and we teach you the tools to maximise your team’s resilience and wellbeing.



Resilience & Wellbeing Survey

Our innovative profiling tool gathers the data you need to understand your team and organisation's current mental health and wellbeing, track change, measure impact and pave the way to corporate wellbeing and resilience.


In House Training Programmes

Our in-depth training programmes explore stress, mental health and wellbeing, teaching you how to notice signs and symptoms of stress and giving you practical guidance on how to implement change and coping strategies for you and your team.


Online Bite Size Training

Our online bite size training is designed to help you manage stress and build resilience to enhance your personal wellbeing and promote positive mental health using practical exercises and strategies.


Inspirational Keynote Speaking

Engage, inspire and educate your team with an easy to understand, bespoke presentation that shares resilience tools and tips to deal with the types of stress most relevant to your staff.

Stress management

“I’m so stressed!” How often do you say or hear that? Stress is a word that has become part of our daily vocabulary and that has a very negative association with it. What if I told you that stress isn’t ALL BAD! In fact, stress is an essential part of surviving and something to be embraced…however, when unmanaged it can become a serious problem and lead to both mental and physical health complications.  This can cause problems for us on a personal level and in the workplace, it can lead to higher rates of absenteeism, less productivity and increased costs.

At HeadStrong, we understand the importance of taking personal responsibility for our own mental health and wellbeing as well as understanding that employers also have a duty of care to their employees wellbeing.

We absolutely believe that prevention is better than intervention and specialise in providing solutions for individuals and organisations that teach you how to manage stress, develop resilience, emotional intelligence and promote positive mental health by building on the key foundations of wellbeing.


percent of all work-related ill health cases related to stress, depression and anxiety


percent of all working days lost due to ill health caused by stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19

The HeadStrong Way

As a highly trained, qualified, licensed practitioner with over 11 years experience in private practice, I believe in upskilling people to manage stress before it becomes a problem. At HeadStrong, we use innovative, bespoke techniques rooted in research. Our evidence-based approach will nurture positive change in your organisations and help manage stress in the workplace.

We can’t remove stress completely but we can teach you how to recognise the symptoms before they become a problem by promoting evidence based strategies to cope with stress.

Exploring workplace stress and wellbeing with HeadStrong Training will help you

  • Create a happier, more productive workforce
  • Hold on to the staff you care about
  • Drive profits with a less-stressed team

We are delighted to have engaged the services of Lisa Jones to help us provide a high quality support for the well-being of our staff. Lisa has provided staff with a range of practical tips and further recommendations for improving well-being drawn from direct research. She has helped us attach and maintain a high level of importance for well-being.

- Dr Richard Luker

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