How Educators can avoid Overwhelm, Burnout, and Anxiety in the Workplace

Does our education system still have a future?

Teachers, governors, and leadership teams are now suffering at an unprecedented rate! Student wellbeing is an increasing priority in schools yet we don’t seem to be ready to prioritise staff wellbeing. How can we support our students when our own mental health and wellbeing is suffering? Join us on our free masterclass where we will share evidence based insights on how educators can overcome these mammoth challenges, preventing anxiety, overwhelm and burnout.

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The Truth is that if we Don’t Begin to Address this Issue Now, Our Education System may Not Even Have a Future!

In 2019 teaching was the 4th most stressful profession in the UK. Now, as a result of the pandemic, teaching is the 3rd most stressful profession in the UK and looking to creep higher up that list.

(National Education Union)

With the absence of positive mental health culture and support in our schools and nothing being done to address the issue, we can only see the education profession becoming much more stressful over the impending years

In 2019 approximately 30% of new teachers left within the first 5 years due to teacher stress and burnout. With a shocking 90% of new openings caused by teachers stressed to the point of abandoning the profession entirely.

(American University School of Education, LPI)

Our educators are already responding to the problem of anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm by leaving the profession altogether. If we don't take massive action now then our education system will fail

In 2019 80% of experienced teachers said they were suffering from work-related stress. Now, as a result of the pandemic, the pressure on educators has increased considerably which will see this number multiply.

(Education Support)

A stress epidemic has been gripping the UK education workforce, as 8 in 10 teachers reported high levels of work related stress and the negative impact it has on their overall mental health. And this was before the pandemic!

76% of British teachers now experience behavioural, psychological, or physical symptoms caused by their work. High levels of stress in the education sector is fast becoming an accepted part of the profession.

(Education Support)

When that number is compared to other UK employees, there is a 16% difference, as 60% of people describe their jobs as highly stressful and only 37% report physical symptoms

In 2018 signs of depression rose to 40% among senior leaders in education and is increasing exponentially.

(Teacher Wellbeing Index)

Senior leaders have a greater chance of suffering from all of the listed symptoms than other education professionals. The number of those reporting symptoms of depression rose from 25% to 40% from 2017 to 2018. Now, as a result of the pandemic we can only speculate has to how high that percentage is today

77% of our educators feel their declining mental health is affecting their students’ progress in a negative way and 94% of stressed teachers reported a visible decrease in classroom energy during times they were stressed.


Data now supports the idea that stress in the education profession leads to a lack of productivity and positive energy in the classrooms. The lack of support available for teachers is now having a knock-on effect on our younger generation

The writing is on the wall and it couldn't be clearer as to what direction we are heading in. The fact is that our education system is crumbling and if we don't begin to take massive action NOW, our entire education system will fall apart.

Discover proven evidence-based techniques that will help you and your colleagues anticipate, reflect on, and take a proactive approach to trends in staff and adolescent mental health that schools are dealing with

Our Masterclasses Will Provide You With The Tools To Lead The Way In Making Systemic Change



Learn practical evidence-based techniques that will allow you and your colleagues to respond to real world situations proactively and confidently, increasing confidence and promoting a positive work place culture. Gain the tools required to ensure every intervention is a success



Gain professional insight on how you can overcome the mammoth challenges our educators are facing and how to prioritise your own mental health and wellbeing whilst promoting positivity and productivity in the classroom


Our goal is to empower you so you can empower our younger generations. We want to encourage you to become the voice of change and ensure that mental health awareness and wellbeing is embedded into the very foundation of our education system


One of the main causes of teacher anxiety and stress is not knowing what interventions actually work. Discover some of the biggest factors affecting the mental health of our younger generation today and gain insight on how our education system should respond


Our environment is changing at an ever increasing rate, and so are the problems associated with those changes. Become better equipped to manage stress and deal with those changes by learning various evidence based techniques that can be implemented straight away


Discover the systemic top-down, outside-in, inside-out approach of our socio-cultural wellbeing model, in which individuals, colleagues and leadership teams can learn how their attitudes and behaviours are inextricably linked and when put together can be a force for positive change

Who's Behind HeadStrong Training In Education?

Lisa Jones is a qualified and senior accredited Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Consultant registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

She is also registered with The National Counselling Society and The Association for Coaching. Lisa is certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health, has an NLP Practitioner Coaching Diploma and is certified as a Life Coaching Practitioner, Youth Coach, NLP Master
Practitioner, Mental Health First Aid and completed a BPS approved certificate in clinical supervision.

Lisa is a dedicated therapist and passionate trainer and believes prevention is better than intervention. She founded HeadStrong Training as a vehicle to teach others the importance of resilience and emotional wellbeing and feels strongly that people should be equipped with essential skills to confidently manage the stresses in life.

Before Veronika Chidemo became a teacher, she worked in Child Protection for the Police, where her passion for Safeguarding and its role in Education was born.

Veronika is a School Mental Health Leadership Consultant bringing a wealth of experience from her previous role as Assistant Head (Pastoral Care and Wellbeing) and the Senior Mental Health Lead at an Independent Day and Boarding School in Somerset. Veronika is also a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, delivering workshops to education staff, governors, and parents.

Veronika has led on multiple whole school wellbeing initiatives including implementing and driving safeguarding and pastoral systems that anticipate, monitor and enhance students’ wellbeing, behaviour, and progress, allowing for early intervention and to draw up individual support plans.

We believe in the power of prevention by advocating for and supporting a culture of
wellbeing in schools. We aim to promote mental health and wellbeing awareness, leadership
and strategy in a safe environment that allows staff and students to build resilience and
manage life's challenges effectively so that all can flourish.

"I first met Lisa and Veronika when attending a webinar on the impact of the pandemic on Mental Health and Wellbeing in schools. Since then, Headstrong Training in Education have delivered training to both staff and students on Mental Health and Wellbeing.
Lisa and Veronika's experience both in mental health/wellbeing and schools ensures that the content delivered is well matched to the audience. We are looking forward working with them again.."

- Kate Simlett (Deputy Head Pastoral, Tudor Hall School)

"A very informative, engaging and thought provoking webinar led by two experienced professionals sharing lots of practical tips to support wellbeing in schools. The session explored the key factors that influence our health and wellbeing with so many insights including the importance of social connections, intellectual challenge and sleep! At the end of the session I felt energised and supported ready to face a busy term ahead."

- John Meredith Diocesan (Director of Education)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Lisa Jones and Veronika Chidemo at Headstrong Training in Education. Lisa and Veronika’s professionalism and expert insight provide
tremendous added value for those who care most for children and students. We are very
proud to work with Headstrong.”

- John Milne (Managing Director at Constellation Group)

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