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How to get HeadStrong – Bitesize Online Training


Interested in your own mental health and wellbeing? Learn more about how to manage stress, build resilience and enhance emotional wellbeing with this bitesize online training.



Do you want to know how to manage stress effectively, build resilience and promote positive mental health? Research evidences key foundations of wellbeing and brain health. Based on these foundations, our bitesize training is designed to be accessible to anyone anywhere and to make online training more manageable. This training is broken down into five modules and includes short videos (5 – 10 minutes long) together with worksheets that you can complete in your own time to learn practical tools and strategies to improve your wellbeing. Lessons include:

  • An overview of mental health and wellbeing
  • An overview of stress and resilience
  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-care techniques using the nine foundations of wellbeing

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