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Individual Resilience and Wellbeing Survey


The HeadStrong Resilience and Wellbeing Profile is for individuals who would like to understand their own subjective wellbeing and resilience. This profile will provide an insight into your own wellbeing that will allow you to understand how you can build your resilience, develop your emotional wellbeing and manage stress effectively.

On completion of purchase, you will be automatically redirected to our online portal where your profile will be available to complete. If you have any problems, get in touch.


Research evidences key foundations of wellbeing and brain health. These are fundamental to support overall health and to build our resilience reserves, thus enabling us to manage stress more effectively. The foundations of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and are all interlinked.

The HeadStrong Resilience and Wellbeing Profile uses the nine foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your report. You receive a detailed breakdown detailing areas of strength and any areas that may need improvement.  You will also receive a detailed summary of each of the foundations, explanation of why they are so important to our health and wellbeing together with tips and strategies to help you enhance them. When we understand how everything is linked, we can make more informed choices about our wellbeing, build our resilience and reduce the effects of stress.

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