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Special Offer: How to get HeadStrong – Bitesize Online Training and Individual Resilience and Wellbeing Survey


Are you interested in your mental health and wellbeing and want to take control of it? Do you want to learn tools and strategies to manage stress and build resilience? Then this offer is for you!

On completion of purchase, you will be redirected to access the survey and you will also receive a separate email with the link to access to bitesize training.


Based on key foundations of wellbeing, the resilience and wellbeing survey will give you an insight into your subjective wellbeing. It will provide you with a breakdown of areas of strength and areas that may need improving together with tips and strategies on how to do this.

Our bitesize training then looks at these areas in more detail giving you a more in depth understanding of what mental health is and what it isn’t, what stress is and how to manage it, how to recognise and manage emotions and top tips for keeping those foundations in balance putting you in control of your health and wellbeing! This bitesize training is broken down into five modules and each video is between 5 – 10 minutes long making it more manageable to fit into your day. You’ll also get a worksheet with each lesson.

If you want to continue your journey of personal development,  why not sign up to the waiting list to join our Alumni programme launching in 2021!

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Special Offer!

Invest in your mental health and wellbeing today!

We have a special ‘bundle’ for you. Invest in our Resilience and Wellbeing Survey AND our ‘How to get HeadStrong’ Bitesize Online Training for just £49!

‘PLUS’ when you invest in the bundle, you also qualify to join our Alumni Programme launching in Spring! Sign up to the waiting list here.