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Headstrong Resilience and Wellbeing Survey

Workplace Wellbeing Profile

Research evidences key foundations of wellbeing and brain health. These are fundamental to support overall health and to build our resilience reserves, thus enabling us to manage stress more effectively. 

The foundations of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and are all interlinked. Developed in house, The HeadStrong Resilience and Wellbeing Survey uses our nine foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your corporate report. Staff responses will develop and pinpoint your training needs and together, we can tailor and track your wellbeing and resilience strategy.

How It Works

Step 1

You choose to invest in the wellbeing of your staff and decide who in your organisation you want to complete the survey – this could be a specific department or team, managers or your entire workforce.

Step 2

Your team complete the survey anonymously. Each individual will receive their own basic report detailing their strengths and any areas that may need improvement.

Step 3

The overall scores for the organisation are collated and analysed. A detailed and in-depth report is created to show your organisations strengths, areas for improvement and how this can be achieved.

Step 4

Presentation and analysis of profile presented by Lisa Jones detailing key insights and recommendations to leadership team. Consultancy is provided on suitable training and a wellbeing strategy.

Interested in your own personal wellbeing?

The HeadStrong Resilience and Wellbeing Survey is also available for individuals who would like to understand their own subjective wellbeing and resilience. We all have to take responsibility to promote our own health, wellbeing and resilience which we can do through our life choices. 

We know that prevention is better than intervention. 

Taking an active role in our wellbeing enables us to prevent more serious mental and physical health issues in the future. Just like the corporate profile, we use the nine foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your report and provide you with a breakdown of areas of strength areas that may need improving together with tips and strategies on how to do this.

Lisa has provided us with some useful insights in our resilience and wellbeing profile. It’s been interesting to see the areas that are ‘on track’ but also to have some clear indication of where we should focus our work in resolving issues hopefully resulting in better wellbeing across our team. We are looking forward to exploring these areas with Lisa’s guidance and support.
Caroline Beardkins
HR Manager