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Workplace Wellbeing Training | CPD Certified

Invest in Your Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

What's included in our workplace wellbeing training?

Can you recognise if someone in your team is struggling?

1 in 5 workers (18%) in the UK would be confident talking to their colleagues about their mental health. (Protectivity Survey)

How do you know if your mental health isn’t ok or if stress is controlling your life?

In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope according to YouGov

Our training provides an overview of workplace health and wellbeing and the building blocks to promote psychological health and emotional wellbeing.

You will learn about brain health, mental health, stress, resilience, emotional intelligence and more. 

We ensure your team members get a thorough understanding of how to recognise signs and symptoms of stress in themselves and others, how to manage it using evidence based every day coping strategies and how to have those difficult conversations using enhanced communication skills. 

We will help you develop basic skills to promote both individual and corporate mental health and self-care using our nine foundations of wellbeing. 

You can expect to leave the training armed with knowledge and confidence to look after your own wellbeing and with tools to promote a positive and productive workplace.

Training Modules

Module 1

We begin with mental health and wellbeing, exploring what it actually is from a bio-psycho-social model and the reasons why we need to understand it. We also explore the nine foundations of wellbeing and building blocks of brain health that influence our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Module 2

Here you will learn what stress is and how to manage it. We explore how the brain influences our response to stress and learn how to notice our individual stressors. We take a look at the concept of resilience, how to build it and how to implement daily tools and techniques to strengthen resiliency.

Module 3

In this module we delve into emotional intelligence and emotional control understanding what it is and how we develop self-awareness. We also address how to communicate effectively, how to spot signs of distress and how to signpost and safeguard your team.

bonus modules

This module addresses working from home in our current ‘COVID’ situation. We explore how to ensure the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing for your team, how to navigate a ‘new normal’ and include a practical guide to managing working from home based on principles of brain health.

Get HeadStrong Offline

6 month programme for up to 20 participants

In order to make positive changes, you need to know where to start. That’s why we have created an innovative survey that gathers the data you need to understand your staff wellbeing, track change, measure impact and pave your way to corporate wellbeing and resilience. You then need to understand HOW to make changes and finally, actually implement them. This programme includes:

  • Organisational wellbeing profile
  • Individual wellbeing profiles
  • Debrief and Strategic Action Plan for Management Team
  • One day training for management team
  • One day training for all staff
  • Three bespoke webinars based on key findings

Get HeadStrong Online

3 month programme for up to 20 participants

It’s not always possible to get the whole team together in person. This option is also for you if geographically it’s not as easy to have everyone together. This programme includes:

  • Three 2-Hour workshops
  • 60 minute follow up Q&A session
  • Small group coaching follow up sessions
  • Debrief and Strategic Action Plan for Management Tea

Online Mental health awareness - bitesize learning

£39.99 per person

Based on the key foundations of wellbeing, our Bitesize Mental Health Awareness Course is designed to be accessible to anyone anywhere and to make online training more manageable. 

This training also enables larger teams to access short videos in their own time to learn more about how to manage stress, build resilience and enhance emotional wellbeing. Lessons include

  • An overview of mental health and wellbeing
  • An overview of stress and resilience
  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-care techniques using the nine foundations of wellbeing
Lisa's content was so relevant to the current climate and she shared so many tools we can all use to help us navigate through these challenging times. There were also lots of hints and tips to help us identify who may be struggling and how to approach the subject. The content and delivery was outstanding.
Ravi Vasdev
Head of Talent Management, Next15